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(USED) SIEMENS VFD, SINAMICS G120 50HP (37kW) – PM240 6SL3224-0BE33-0UA0

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Part Number: 3006 (USED) SIEMENS VFD, SINAMICS G120 50HP (37kW)–PM240
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(USED) SIEMENS VFD, SINAMICS G120 PM240 50HP (37kW) Inverter

SINAMICS Power Module G120 PM240 6SL3224-0BE33-0UA0

NOTE: USED in good condition. Previously installed in prototype, low hours. Please see pictures for condition, the pictures are of the actual part sold. Function guaranteed.

SERIAL #: T-F13012000114 

SINAMICS G120 PM240 Power Module unfiltered with integrated braking chopper 380-480 V 3 AC +10/-10% 47-63 Hz power high overload: 30 kW at 200% 3 s,150% 57 s,100% 240 s ambient temperature -10 to +50 °C power low overload: 37 kW at 150% 3 s,110% 57 s,100% 240 s ambient temperature -10 to +40 °C 497 x 275 x 204 (HxWxD), FSE degree of protection IP20 without Control Unit and BOP

Required additional components

SINAMICS G120 Control Unit CU230P-2

(Control unit needed to operate the power module)

SINAMICS G120 Basic Operator Panel (BOP-2)

(Operator panel, for manual control of the drive)



Number of phases                                  3 AC

Line voltage                                           380 ... 480 V ±10 %

Line frequency                                       47 ... 63 Hz

Rated current with line reactor             78.00 A

Rated current without line reactor       88.00 A


Number of phases                 3 AC

Rated voltage                        400V IEC                 480V NEC 1

Rated power (LO)                 37.00 kW                50.00 hp

Rated power (HO)                 20.00 kW                40.00 hp

Rated current (LO)                                75.00 A

Rated current (HO)                                60.00 A

Max. output current                               124.00 A

Pulse frequency                     4 kHz

Output frequency for vector control    0 ... 200 Hz

Output frequency for V/f control          0 ... 550 Hz

EAN         4019169455114

UPC        662643434514

DATA SHEET: /assets/images/3006/3006-6SL3224-0BE33-0UA0_datasheet_en.pdf

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