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TXV Sporlan, 30Ton 9x11 ODF 5’ 125637

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Part Number: 2102 SPORLAN TXV ONE-30-C 9x11
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Type O Thermostatic Expansion Valves 

  • Brass bar body with balanced port construction
  • Designed for both refrigeration and air conditioning applications
  • Replaceable thermostatic element
  • Inlet has a permanent 12 mesh strainer
  • Synthetic seating surface provides tight shut-off during system off periods
  • Applications include:
  • Air Conditioning
  • Commercial Refrigeration "C" (+50°F to -10°F)
  • Low Temperature Refrigeration "Z" (0°F to -40°F)
  • MOP Maximum Operating Pressure charges available (0°F to -40°F)
  • Type O TEV - Externally Equalized Large Straight-Thru Body