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PHOENIX CONTACT Terminal block UK 4-T (90pcs)

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Part Number: 2270 PHOENIX CONTACT 3042010
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PHOENIX CONTACT Terminal block UK 4-T (90pcs)

2269 - PHOENIX CONTACT 3042010

NOTE: Pack 90 pcs (BAG of 90pcs).

Commercial data


Nominal voltage U:          600 V

Nominal current I:            5 A

AWG/kcmil:                      28-12

EAN                                 4017918092313

Disconnect terminal block, With built-in isolating plug and test socket screws for insertion of test plugs, nom. voltage: 500 V, nominal current: 16 A, connection method: Screw connection, Rated cross section: 4 mm2, cross section: 0.2 mm2 - 4 mm2, mounting: NS 35/7,5, NS 35/15, NS 32, color: gray

Nominal current               16 A

Maximum load current     16 A (with 4 mm² conductor cross section)

Nominal voltage               500 V

Nominal cross section      4 mm²

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