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Johnson Controls pressure switch P100CP-2C (10pcs+)

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Part Number: 2045 Johnson Controls P100CP-2C
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NOTE min order qty is 10pcs

Johnson Controls pressure switch P100CP-2C

Cut out 425PSI

Cut in 325PSI

Brand/Manufacturer: Johnson Controls

Part #: P100CP-2C

UPC: 1078502868274

Features and Benefits

·         Compact Size and Lightweight Construction - Allows for mounting control directly to refrigeration piping or pressure tap points, and reduces space needed for controls

·         Tamper-proof, Factory-Calibrated Pressure Setpoints - Provides accurate, repeatable pressure control at pressures ranging from vacuum to 750 PSIG

Data Sheet: /assets/images/2045/johnson-controls_p100_en_ss.pdf

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