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DANFOSS VFD FC 101 75HP 55kW – 131L9901

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Part Number: 1054 DANFOSS VFD FC 101 75HP 55kW – 131L9901
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DANFOSS VFD, FC 101 75HP (55kW) – 131L9901

VLT HVAC Basic Drive FC-101 55 KW / 75 HP, 380-480 VAC, IP20

Efficient, basic control of fans and pumps in HVAC applications

The VLT® HVAC Basic Drive is supplied with built-in functions that reduce initial costs and increase productivity. It is the most compact unit in its class. Integrated DC coils reduce harmonics to an absolute minimum, and the Automatic Energy Optimizer saves 15-25% energy from the second you turn the it on. Achieve the lowest cost of ownership with a premier drive dedicated to ventilation, heating, and refrigeration applications.


27.2 x 12.3 x 13.2 (HxWxD)

DATA SHEET /assets/images/1054/1054-DKDDPFP100A402_HVAC_Basic.pdf

SPEC /assets/images/1054/1054-Spec.pdf

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